Substance Abuse is not a Crime

Washington State is experiencing an opioid abuse and overdose crisis involving prescription opioids and heroin. Approximately 600 individuals die each year from opioid overdose with an increasing proportion of those deaths involving heroin. The largest increase in heroin overdose deaths from 2004 to 2014 occurred among younger people ages 15 to 34 years. Governor Inslee promotes linking individuals who abuse opioids with treatment services including people in the criminal justice system. James will refer non-violent offenders experiencing substance abuse into Whatcom County’s therapeutic drug court. James will ensure that the prosecutor’s approach to drug court meets the Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards published by the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. He will adopt objective screening criteria to determine which individuals can be safely referred into the program. He will streamline the application process so that referrals can be made quickly. And James will be transparent about the drug court program and the prosecutor’s role in making it a success

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